All tools and components safely stored and ready to hand at all times

Optimise your tool trolley, workbench or assembly trolley with this intelligent organisation system that ensures optimised use of space and perfect organisation of your workplace – 5S compliant!


Elegant storage for your best tools

Developed by OPT-I-STORE®: cases for storage and transport, individually crafted from foam with a magnetic closure. This extra-lightweight packaging solution with no additional hard case or trolley is perfect for measuring instruments and other delicate tools. Simply design your own using the OPT-I-STORE® Designer.


Keeping things safe and tidy

Whether you are looking to keep a case of installation tools perfectly organised, you need a safe carrying case to protect camera lenses and ensure they cannot move around, or if you are looking for a high-end packaging solution – not only will our solutions help you to save time, but you will also always end up making a professional impression.


For personalised giveaways

Whether as a useful organisational tool with an unusual design, a decorative item or a high-quality carry case – whatever your individual idea, with OPT-I-STORE® you can be holding it in your own hands in next to no time.


Keeping things tidy and well organised

Well-sorted office materials, cases for ballpoint pens, desk organisers, customised drawer and cabinet inlays – OPT-I-STORE® is a real all-rounder that can do it all.


Whether rigid foam, plastic, cork or wood – the high-quality material can be shaped to almost any conceivable form, has numerous advantages and is also available in a wide selection of colours and thicknesses. All inserts, cases and articles are milled from a single piece, which makes the process very reliable. Absolute precision is the key here.

Do you need help creating your custom rigid foam inlay?