Configuration & ordering of tailor-made solutions


The OPT-I-STORE® online shop is a digital way to order and configure your individual rigid foam inlays. You can either download the planning software so that you can use it locally on your device, or you can access the WEB version online – with the following advantages:


No download or installation required. Design your insert directly in your browser and order online. Can also be used with MacOS.

No internet connection needed during designing, only for ordering. The inserts are automatically saved during designing. The OPT-I-STORE® contour scanner can only be used in the PRO version.

The foam material LD45 is available in many different colours and with a range of different surfaces. As well as this, you can also select alternative materials for your inlay in the planning software.

Almost 15,000 sets of tool data are available in the OPT-I-STORE online shop. This means that tools can also be re-ordered directly in the planning software.

The software offers a number of scanning options that make it possible to import all types of individual contours in just a few steps. In addition, you can also create the contours yourself using the integrated editor.

Based on the material, size and depth of the cutout, collisions are automatically detected and displayed.

To help arrange the objects as easily as possible, the planning software offers all the alignment functions that are familiar from standard office packages.

The outer contours of inlays can be individually adjusted so that inlays can also be prepared for use in e.g. cases.

The planning software displays the price of the inlays directly. There are no hidden costs for programming expenses or other additional services that may be required.

In addition to the existing tool database, every customer can also save their own custom contours in the system – ready to use them again whenever required.

Every inlay that is manufactured is given a label that clearly identifies the inlay. This makes it easier to re-order the inlay or the tools it contains.

Quotations can be generated directly in the planning software and ordered directly.

With the aid of laser inscriptions you can clearly identify the products with permanent lettering.

Planned/draft inlays can be saved and managed in the archive.


In a series of short and simple instruction videos, we show you how you can use the OPT-I-STORE® online shop to configure and order your own customised solutions in just a few steps.

Select a topic and watch the video:

– Editing options
– Catalogue with selection of standard articles
– Archive with previously created inlays
– Editor for planning inlays
– Adding tools
– Shopping basket: getting a quotation and placing an order

– Planning contours in various sizes + depths
– Assistance via the live collision detection system
– Single/multiple contour duplication
– Selection + ordering of tools from the shop
– Importing contours via digitisation

– General information about using the paper scanning template
– Correct tool placement
– The proper way to create photos
– Importing photos to OPT-I-STORE® WEB
– Using imported contours
– Options for post-processing

– Materials: rigid foam, rigid plastic, cork
– Drawing your own inlays
– Carry case solutions for storage and transport
– Requesting login details and getting started

– Planning, changing and viewing inlays
– Defining the size and material
– Final price visible
– 3D view
– Carry case inlays: outlines, rounded edges…

– Alignment of objects in an inlay
– Various alignment functions
– Optimised alignment of scanned objects
– Grid for optimised alignment

– Adding inlays to your shopping basket
– Creating quotations yourself with just a few clicks
– Checking and if necessary modifying your order
– Placing an order

– All-rounder made of rigid foam
– Application examples
– Digitisation of tools
– Planning inlays
– Personalisation/customisation

Do you have your login details?

Simply log in and either download the free planning software OPT-I-STORE® PRO or use the online version OPT-I-STORE® WEB:


For creating precise contours – not only for tools.


The paper scanning template makes the job of designing OPT-I-STORE® inlays and other solutions quick and


Simply choose the layout and arrangement of the tools, place them on the white surface, take a photo, load it to your computer and place your order.


The scanning area (750 x 400 mm) scans tools & parts quickly and easily. Simply connect the scanner via USB cable to a PC/laptop.


# multitalent made of rigid foam

“We have made it our goal that our apprentices who are training to become skilled workers should be process-driven, productive and digitally skilled. Now that OPT-I-STORE® meets the 5S standards, we have been able to actively implement these important attributes across the company and can already start instilling them in our apprentices from their first year of training. This is something we are really proud of!”

DI (FH) Harald Köppel, bfi Steiermark

“Every day we sense the excitement that our customers feel in connection with our own brands, and this is why our work is not just about processing orders, but instead we use our full creative potential to create innovative solutions.”

Ines Leichtfried, METZLER Fertigungsprofis

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